What is Solavei?

What is Solavei?


Solavei is a social networking and commerce platform that harnesses the power of people to spread the word and to grow.  Solavei offers:

  • Nationwide 4G cellular service
  • Unlimited text, talk & data
  • $49.00 per month (plus the regular/ usual taxes)
  • No contract      (cancel at anytime with no fees)
  • the opportunity to earn by sharing


Watch this short one and a half minute video that explains a little bit about Solavei:


YouTube Preview Image



The mission of Solavei is to make phone services more affordable and less expensive by empowering the sharing of people through social media, the internet, friends and more. By sharing Solavei with others, members can lower their cell phone bills and earn income simply by sharing.

 If you would like to learn more ab0ut Solavei or to join, please click HERE

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