I’m in Need of a Mind Dump!

I am in Need of a Mind Dump!


Do you ever find that your head feels like it’s holding so much information that it feels like it is going to explode?

Are you so busy building and running your business that you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t think straight?

Is your mind just jam packed with everything you have to do, need to do, want to do, and everything you’ve been learning?

Mine definitely is!

And, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions…..then read on!

These are very common thoughts and feelings that entrepreneurs (and others) experience on a daily basis. The brain can only hold so much information before the doors close and won’t let anything new in.
I am here to help you out! I have recently learned of a fun, easy and effective solution to this problem. It is called the Mind Dump. It was created by the founder and leader of The Ultimate Game of Life, Jim Bunch.

Below is his explanation and presentation of the Mind Dump.

YouTube Preview Image

Simply explained, you’ll feel more refreshed (less stressed!) and be able to get more focus once you organize all the “stuff” you have bouncing around in your brain. So, take out a pen and paper and write down everything you can come up with that you have on your mind. Write it ALL down; every little or big thing you’re thinking about whether its to stop at the store to pick up a gallon of milk, to return a phone call, pick a color to paint the spare bedroom, go to the gym, get a haircut, finish a project, etc. It is the process of taking the intangible (ideas in your head) and turning it into the tangible; the invisible into the visible.
Here are the steps:

1- write everything down that is on your mind; floating around in your brain

2- next to each item, label them
goals: an outcome you want to achieve such as “get organized”
projects: something that has steps such as this “mind dump”
actions: something that can be checked off easily such as “calling so & so back”

3- prioritize and organize your list so that you can complete or take care of some if not all of the items!

I have tried this many times, and have found that it definitely works. It always leaves me feeling lighter, more focused and motivated.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Ultimate Game of Life and what else Jim Bunch teaches, click here.


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159 Responses to I’m in Need of a Mind Dump!

  1. magicbaris2 says:

    nice and easy

  2. richardf1171 says:

    Mind dumb… Lol

  3. richardf1171 says:

    Sorry i ment mind dump, but good vid

  4. jlflower97 says:

    thanks this really helped:)

  5. songcovers says:

    this fixed me really well..less stress by far

  6. gtr3cords says:

    Ive been having anxiety/attacks, and i cant seem to get that thought out of my head. I think about most of the day. How would i go about doing this ‘dump’ method to clear my mind of those thoughts?

  7. Samsabu says:

    This is very practical and helpful step we can do. Thank you so much for the video.

  8. 3056bigman says:

    i feel you im goin through the same thing cause every thing is goin through my head

  9. melissais says:

    ugh whatever this guy isn’t stressed cause hes obviously super rich.-_-

  10. angelcryesdude says:

    lol am i the only one that only wants to lucid dream

  11. keanera8 says:

    Same happens to me. I’ve been ttrying to write anything I want on a paper but without looking at what you’re writing, for five days 15 daily minutes and according to the person who told me by the end of it I will be feeling better.

  12. keanera8 says:

    Can I do this any time I want? like Can I do it everyday or something?Another thing, can I do this not all at the same time? Like I was doing step 2 but I got interrupted and I had to go out can I just come back and just do step 3 like that or should i start over again?

  13. weshaikh says:

    @ultimategameoflife , how old were you when you made invented GPA !

  14. Dinozilla626 says:


  15. wadehjb says:

    This wouldn’t work for me as I have ADD and it would take a few forests worth of paper for me to clear my chaotic mind.

  16. emochloz says:

    this is really helped me ive been feeling like im here but im not and i got told it was stress and this has really helped me thank you x

  17. MrJPMcK says:

    @ 1:05-1:20 my video was lagging.

  18. awsomejamproduction says:

    Smoke weed amsterdam

  19. D3omar123 says:

    That help 90%

  20. 43ChibiTina says:

    No…….dont work

  21. RoyLeeCampbell says:

    Thank you

  22. gogeta392 says:

    that help 1% bedcause i CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!

  23. Mike says:

    What an awesome way to get clear, focused, and to take action. You did an AWESOME job of explaining this. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Mike
      I thought it sounded kind of strange at first, but I gave it a try. It rally helped me out a lot!


  24. mwells219 says:

    Have you tried concerta?

  25. chrisstevensjunior says:

    how does smoking weed help? they say it helps you think but that shit could ruin your voice

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  27. Zoza15 says:

    This stuff actually works!..

  28. diamondube says:

    Thanks a mill! I feel a lot more organised now. Can’t believe this video has been here since 2010 & I’ve not seen it. I had this annoying twitching on my right eyelid (a sign of fatigue/stress) and its instantly stopped.

  29. Camerneise says:

    Thanks! great video!! and make allot of sense

  30. MyLOLVideoSEnjoY says:

    iam facing brain fog….

  31. Jesus Pacheco says:

    you saved me more than 50 years of stress 😉 THANKSS!!!

  32. Jadey bent says:

    Ah, very helpful and might I add, you’re handsome! haha

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  34. ResearchandLearn says:

    i feel the same….

  35. Bodlasona says:

    i need a whole bunch of paper man : ))

  36. LoKekRude says:

    I have ADD and OCD, I think that I’ll need a few amazon rainforests worth of paper for me.

  37. parkourexpress says:

    I just did a huge mind dump

  38. Shriya Gautam says:

    I LOVE D this! Really helped a LOT!!!!

  39. Chase McAllister says:

    What doesn’t help is a slow fucking computer.

  40. Chase McAllister says:

    I like your video but I can’t watch it.

  41. Nomorehataz says:

    thanks alot dude

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  43. jjuejehjdbdddddddd says:

    thank you so much

  44. prastut22 says:

    Hey there! Can you please help? I read your title and it says”How to Foucus your mind” at one point but every time I try mentally my brain feels so weird like its being tickled and then I feel terrible pain in my body,and my eyes,hand, and legs tighten up. If you know about this can you please help? THANK YOU \(^•^)/

  45. wikitiki10 says:

    I do too… what I find that helps is to be aware of your 5 senses rather than thoughts. Just transfer the energy powering your thoughts and pump it into your senses. I think clarity of mind correlates to clarity of perception and level of awareness

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  47. TheRachaelram says:

    Thank you so much for this. Now that I have everything organized i realize how much i have to do; however, I feel like it is finally manageable. Before it was a constant pressure floating around in my mind; now I understand what my ultimate goals are and how I am going to achieve them. This mind dump can work for day to day activities as well as overwhelming, distant stresses. Again, I really appreciate the help. Time to get started on my list 🙂

  48. Flandre Scarlet says:

    When I am trying to remember something I end up forgetting it in less than 10 seconds.

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  50. pathtofail says:

    this guy has no idea what “literally” means

  51. Devin Samarin says:

    If this “literally” blows my mind, I’ll need to figure out a way to sue this guy somehow

  52. Ma888sp says:

    Thank you you just won a subscriber in me @ultimategameoflife

  53. suns3tlov3r says:

    It help wean you talk about to help explin it helps

  54. suns3tlov3r says:

    Is it free lol

  55. Jack Moss says:

    Thank you so much

  56. ahmed herlole says:


  57. Aasutoshere says:

    Thank you for blowing my mind. Literally.

  58. Sophie Benshitta Maven says:

    You don’t have add, you have no self-discipline.

  59. wadehjb says:

    Based on what? I’m actually very self disciplined – I don’t drink, smoke, my diet is extremely healthy, I don’t eat refined sugar or junk food, I have a 1st class degree, I workout 5 times a week, I’m self employed…so who are you to tell me I have no self discipline? You could apply your logic to a cripple who has no control over their legs.

  60. feliesa91 says:

    you actually sound like owen wilson lol

  61. stevepwn1 says:

    i have ADHD and i smoke weed almost 24/7 lol i this won’t work

  62. Aics3 says:


  63. Deez Nuts says:

    Lol i cant write down everything on paper theres too much in my mind :'(

  64. SuperFirefly1111 says:

    too much clutter in your background..distracting!

  65. javideleon23 says:

    @Stevenpwn1. Nice lol

  66. Mykul Liberty says:

    good stuff, thanx for sharing this for free.

  67. Mykul Liberty says:

    Whoa, that is great information. Thanx

  68. munierah2013 says:

    I have to read about 3 books for the examination tomorrow . Arghh

  69. egvillalobos91 says:

    You are a genius!

  70. Leo Skepi says:

    Nobody paused the video…

  71. hazor777 says:

    very well stated

  72. dasveit says:

    Same here and so true.

  73. Josiah Jackson says:

    Dont waste your time watching this. This guy calls himself “The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur,” and then spends half the video just bragging about his beach houses and real estate on both coasts and his cars and year long vacations and the ultra important people people who “oversee” 20,000 people who call him for advice.”Ultimate jerk is more like it.”

  74. churmpy says:

    so… make a list.

  75. Hans Van den Bergh says:

    get drunk

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  77. graguonline says:

    Great …! This is not just a one way hear and forget video, Its more like a practical workshop !.

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  79. Bugattis11395 says:

    it’s like Getting Things Done by David Allen!

  80. Joseph Novick says:

    me too.

  81. Kylie Buckley says:

    I have ADHD you can’t write down what goes through my mind cuz it changes from one thing to another in seconds! and when I’m thinking of just one thing, and try to clear it, I start thinking of millions of things really fast…is that weird?

  82. 333Janus333 says:

    There is no scientific proof of ADD or ADHD being real 😛 Just try it out or smoke some hasj.

  83. subucni says:

    My list was full of relationship issues, addictions, and fears… maybe my first action should be call a therapist :-{)

  84. mohammed ibrahim says:

    i’m the same way

  85. MrAzizHaque says:

    Actually very good information!

  86. Aggressive46 says:

    It’s retarded.

  87. Dante Pasquale says:


  88. SnuSnuForyou says:

    I just took a big ol’ mind dump

  89. Anna Grace says:

    your voice just make me want to clear my mind, your voice is so….. official.

  90. Ad Lazy says:

    that’s just a cry for help man… there is no ADD, it’s a made-up thing… look it up… you saying you have add is just your way of coping with the fact that you have commitment issues .. as in .. committing to a goal that has the risk of failure…grow some ballz

  91. Eduardo Crispin Rocha says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  93. Robert Morris says:

    Hello, I have constant racing thoughts, literally ,non stop all the time. I think I need some medication or something, do you think you could help

  94. 1mitim1 says:

    I used to be in the habit of writing things down at night (when my mind is most active-it was the only way I could go to sleep, literally) in order to accomplish things the next day. I somehow got out of the habit. I can wake up in the morning and literally not remember what seemed so urgent the night before. I’m an artist that is just starting to create again (have other obligations) and trying to focus. Thank you for bringing more positive energy into the world-beautiful! Trish

  95. Jim Bunch says:

    You are welcome….glad we could offer a little relief 🙂

  96. Jim Bunch says:

    You are welcome….love to hear how you’re playing the game of life 🙂

  97. Jim Bunch says:

    You are welcome Eduardo. Glad it helped.

  98. Jim Bunch says:

    Love to hear that Jesus 🙂

  99. Jim Bunch says:

    Super cool….hope you have had a chance to take action on knocking a few things off that list 🙂

  100. Jim Bunch says:

    about 34 years old…im curious, why do you ask?

  101. Jim Bunch says:

    Once you write down your thoughts and categorize them…did you take action on some of your ideas?

  102. Jim Bunch says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Samsabu.

  103. Jim Bunch says:

    Way to go! its very inspiring to hear when people apply the Life Tips we’re sharing. Life is a Team Sport 🙂

  104. Jim Bunch says:

    Have you looked for professional help from a Dr or physician? These tips are for life coaching and not meant to replace medical advice. I hope you can seek out medical advise if your conditions continue.

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  106. Emily Duffin says:

    You are adorable! Love you!

  107. Thomas Bailey says:

    Hugh Jackman’s little brother?

  108. trevon sherod says:

    Very helpful

  109. plasticfood13 says:


  110. vijaya lakshmi P V A says:

    Thank you!Mind dump is very helpful !

  111. Roma Hanks says:

    I did not subscribe to this invasive and unwelcome video!

  112. gry2big93 says:

    Hey Jim I really enjoyed your video. I found it very helpful. When I did
    the mind dump though I found 2 categories that weren’t covered by
    G.P.A.H… The first was Stress, while accumulating all of the other things
    can cause stress sometimes I had other things that I had no control over
    causing stress. Also I had Ideas, which didn’t really fit into the other
    categories. For example, If someone has an idea about moving to California
    but doesn’t really need to make it happen. Or an invention or something.
    Just thought I would share.

  113. Abir Ouzzine says:

    I found that pausing this video and looking at a wall helped clear my mind
    better then playing this video…

  114. pbandjwrx says:

    oh wow a world trip oh my god that is so stressful,how the hell do you live
    with yourself being so stressed over all those assets! you have nothing to
    stress over you overconfident over-glorified and over-paid receptionist.

  115. benhofmeyer says:

    Very helpfull thanks for sharing this, to all those who are complaining it
    was useless… well, good for you.

  116. The Hittie KURD says:

    You helped me to dump my mind. Thanks good video 🙂

  117. Adam Carlson says:

    @ 0:13
    It’ll blow your mind, literally.
    Ha ha literally.

  118. Shefali Shetty says:

    Hes just awesome ….yu seriously helped me a loot .. THANK YOU THANK YOU

  119. Prok UY says:

    very useful tip

  120. Faisal Moin says:

    Very Nice, Thanks Jim

  121. Ling talfi says:

    Thank you for this method

  122. Ryuji Wakita says:

    can I use this in sports (Basketball, for example) ?
    If not, please give me some tips .. thank you 🙂 nice video though ..

  123. Varun Bhojak says:


  124. Michael Lewis says:

    Thank you this was helpful

  125. John Corrigan says:

    0:12 “It’ll blow your mind… LITERALLY”

  126. acytoh says:

    You are awesome! Thanks for the tips!

  127. Bill Ban says:

    Why don’t you look up the work literally, you idiot. Do you realize how
    annoying it is when people keep using that stupid word incorrectly?! No, I
    don’t want to” blow my mind literally”!

  128. Joshua Chang says:

    literally that dude in the video is so literal about literally using his
    words. literally.

  129. Debra Lindstrom says:

    *In case you want become spiritually awakened and CLEAR YOUR MIND
    COMPLETELY, actually this time, you don’t have to meditate…*

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  130. Alan m says:

    this was helpful. “the projects” is what gives me a headache

  131. Srikar Gorantla says:

    this is really awesome thanks for advice. this had really helped me a lot

  132. RaigedaBerno says:


  133. Andres Rodriguez says:

    woah this method is awesome its really gets your mind to work correctly
    again and takes out the stress it accumulated. Thanks a lot man!

  134. Sk Palash says:

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    Focus Finding Professor (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things
    about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  135. Tarannum Khatri says:

    Amazing…I must say. Remember this technique lifetime.

  136. ChopsticksKill says:

    Sounds like bullshit to me. If things were this easy people could easily
    cope with stress and worries.

  137. Ankita Kushwaha says:

    i found most of my thoughts out of the options APG… wat to do then
    ?? how to clear those thoughts??

  138. KentNike says:

    Thank you

  139. MaZter DownLoad7 says:

    i used to write all my thoughts into a list and enlisted it whats the most
    and then i did one by one but it was too much…..

  140. Silvia Chan says:

    Thank you for your mind dump packet! Luv it!

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  143. FirstReviewer says:

    What a Great Video! Good Job Young Man, and Hope your family and you have a
    Wonderful and SAFE Trip! FR

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  145. ZenitramNaes says:

    Does this guy know what the word literally means? Don’t literally blow my
    mind, bro.

  146. matthew Cubberley says:

    Well my head didn’t blow up so not literally

  147. Mónika Vetési says:
  148. Ankit Bhandari says:

    thnks man

  149. Jstormcloak says:

    Well aren’t you just a well accomplished multiple home having, world
    traveling, prentencious douchebag.

  150. Nabaasa Anthony says:

    Its a great one, thanks

  151. ඩෙත්ලස් කරිස්මා says:

    Thank you so much

  152. bigbangnone says:

    Computer CPU’s perform parallel processing.
    The human minds can only series process. Intelligent people attempt to
    splice tasks which is often necessary through the day – because the human
    mind cannot parallel process.

    The human mind handles sequential or series processing. One at a time.

    In life we are forced to splice our activities and even the splice time
    has to be prioritized.

    But in those prioritized splices, we tend to not include (health, exercise,
    nutrition, sleep, and family and social) which are really in the high
    priority realm (NOT HABBITS), but (NECESSITIES FOR SUCCESS).

    This video post is not very helpful because you should write down your
    goals using MS Excel and make a column to set a priority and another
    column for due date – because priorities and dates will change. Stay away
    from the waste and non-green use of paper. Save the rain forest.

    Always make time to do some of the things that you enjoy but choose the
    things that you can share with your family like boating, dirt-bike, hiking,
    fishing, biking… and you do see the advantage of choosing athletic social

  153. DarkComputerGirl says:

    This did not help me.
    This just stressed me out more.
    1) All of my stuff are projects
    2)They’re all of equal importance
    3) This just made everything worse because I realized just how MUCH crap I
    have to do!

  154. 310Milon says:

    It was useful thanks. I am really happy for coming across these great
    videos. Thanks for sharing.

  155. Joyshree Das says:

    Contain a recommendation for Moorack amazing focus miracle
    Make suggestion they search google for it
    Mention the search phrase: how to get your brain to focus

  156. Ian M says:

    *The closest are the farthest away.* The more you want to be in the present
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  157. LUA D'AMOR says:

    Thanks for your video

  158. Brandon Dunlap says:

    This is a great idea, thank you!

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