Why Numis Network?

Why Numis Network


Why Numis Network

I believe that I have found one of the best network marketing companies in the industry today. And, I believe that there are many reasons why you may want to consider Numis and would enjoy doing so!

The first reason, of course is because of the product. It is gold and silver numismatic coins. That’s right…..gold and silver!  Numismatic as defined by the Merriram Webster Dictionary, is “the study or collection of monetary objects”.  The coins offered by Numis are modern issue coins, starting from 1985 on to the current year. All coins are MS70, which are perfect, and graded by one of the top three grading companies in the country. At Numis, you can earn money and grow your collection at the same time. Unlike other products offered by other network marketing companies, neither silver nor gold will ever go bad, stale or expire. I know I would love to have a garage full of the stuff!   Silver is a billion dollar a year industry and is only going to grow as more people get involved and start collecting.

A numismatic collection is something that can be shared and enjoyed with your family. A legacy that eventually can be left to them years down the road. Numis is the only company that I have found in the industry that offers such an awesome product. Silver/gold numismatic coins are an asset that you can collect and hold onto, as opposed to collecting debt or useless trinkets that will only be used a couple times or collect dust.  As a member of the silver coin of the month club, you get to look forward to a different coin coming to you each month. An instant smile comes to my face each month I go to my mail box. I can’t wait to see what the next coin will be!  It’s like Christmas each month. I look forward to growing my and my family’s collection of silver coins.

Numis Network is a young company, just under 2 years since it’s beginning. The company’s three owners have a combined 60 plus years experience in the network marketing industry, as both representatives and as owners.  Currently, two of them are active reps, still out in the field meeting new people and growing their teams. With all the experience they have accumulated, they have learned what works and what doesn’t work in the industry.

What’s really exciting is that the company has just released their biggest, most exciting news yet. Something that has never before been done in the history of network marketing. They have recently announced their brand new policy of a 5 year money back guarantee! That’s right, your money back! If, after 5 years, you don’t want your silver any more, the guys at Numis will give you the money that you paid back. They have so much confidence in their product and company, that they know that they can offer such a policy. They get 100% of their money back. No other company in this industry would ever or has ever produced such an offer.

I just believe that Numis is such a great company to be working with and it offers such a great product that I truly love. I look forward to growing my business and sharing it with others for many years to come! I have had nothing but good experience working for, and with the Numis group.

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Numis Network’s 5 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee

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9 Responses to Why Numis Network?

  1. Jennjenn says:

    The money back guarantee is the best part of it! Money back after 5 years? How could you not trust in it….

    • jodene says:

      That is so true. i think there are a lot of companies out there that just want you to join. That just goes to show that we at Numis stand behind our company and our product! Some people are so quick to jump in & criticize network marketing companies as scams or pyramid schemes.Numis is an outstanding company and will be around for a long time to come! thanks for the comment!

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