Facebook IPO and Numis Network

Facebook IPO and Numis Network

Disclaimer: I do not give investment advice of any kind and at no time should anything I say be taken as any form of investment advice. ALWAYS seek the advice of a professional before making any kind of investment decisions.

Facebook has finally had it’s initial public offering (IPO). So the questions now are:

Facebook IPO Questions:

  • Is Facebook’s stock over valued or under valued?
  • Will Facebook’s stock price go up or down?
  • Is Facebook stock a good investment long term?

While I don’t claim to be a market guru of any kind (see disclaimer above), there are some things I look at when picking through stocks such as Facebook. The most important thing that I look at before even considering the price, value, P/E ratio, dividends, or any of that stuff is the company’s Financials. I want to see their income, expenses, assets, liabilities, cashflow sheet, equities, and insider activity.

Often, a company’s financial will show that it has a surplus of cash, which is great. However, where is that cash coming from? Operating income OR borrowing? If a company has a lot of cash that they received through debt, well, then I want to look closer at what’s going on and how that cash is being used (think Enron).

I could go on for quite a while on how I personally analyze stocks such as the one being offered by Facebook’s IPO. But I also want to share how I use Facebook to create additional cashflow through an amazing system called the Numis Network.

How Numis Network Works With Facebook To Create Assets:

To put it simply, Numis Network is a network marketing company which markets gold and silver numismatic graded coins from leading governments throughout the world. Being a member of Numis Network’s Silver Coin of the Month Club allows me to collect an asset every month but it is so much more than that alone.

Having obtained Numis Network’s Fast Track Collector’s Kit, I not only collect assets every month, but I also generate cashflow by referring others into the company. And I refer people through the Facebook Ad system.

I simply create a Facebook ad which drives targeted traffic from Facebook to my website (created and maintained by Numis Network) where folks can sign up for info, shop, and learn about Numis Network and their products. Talk about easy money! I get silver money in the mail every month plus cashflow while helping others do the same!

While this system is not for everyone, those who know opportunity when they see it are already signing up right now because timing is everything and nothing lasts forever! Put the power of Facebook and Numis Network to work for you!

Hello, my name is Mike Pagach and I am the founder of the Numis Network Review. I live in sunny Ventura, CA where I enjoy calm breezes, music, and art.

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3 Responses to Facebook IPO and Numis Network

  1. Jodene Brown says:

    [..YouTube..] Very interesting. Thanks for the tutorial. It’s easy for me to learn when I can watch what to do!

  2. Jodene Brown says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for the tutorial. It’s easy for me to learn when I can watch what to do!

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