Do you Google + ?

Do You Google +  ?






Last year in July, 2011, Google came out with it’s latest product, Google +. It is a product they have developed that according to them, brings everything in your life together in one place. It is the ultimate sharing platform and takes social media to the next level. In addition to following other people, you can 1+ their posts, comment on other posts, share your own posts, or share pictures, videos and more. Google has brought us a product that brings communicating to the world wide web more like communicating is in the actual world.


With over 170 million users, Google+ is rapidly growing into an enormous social media site to rival that of facebook. It is an accumulation of many products that we already use today. It has been growing at a much larger rate than both Facebook and Twitter as it gains popularity and users. You may have even noticed the Google+ button on blogs and websites all over the internet. The Google+ button can be used as you would a “tweet” for twitter, a “like” for Facebook, and “Dig” for digg etc. The Google+ button is on many websites and blogs throughout the internet.







One of the things that sets Google+ has, aside from the competitors is that they have what they call “circles”. Circles are small groups that you can form to share information with. Just as you have different relationships with different people in your real life, such as family members, co-workers, acquaintances etc., Google+ allows you to separate these “friends” into different categories of people that you can share with just as we would in our real day to day life. You may not want to share something with your family that you may want to share with your school friends. Your circles let you share information easier and gives you a little more control over the information you are sharing.  Where, with other social media sites, if you post something, it is shared with everyone who follows you. Google+ allows you to chose which “circles” you want to share your information with. With Google+, you are able to connect with which ever groups you want at any time, as opposed to sharing all your information to everyone at all times.


Google+ includes other activities such as hang outs, which is a live video chat with up to 9 people in your circles as you would if you were hanging out at a friends house.  Huddles, which is Google messenger that allows group chat between circles. Sparks brings you communication based on what interests you and allows you to get updates on your favorite topics. Once you add your interests, you’ll have access from all over the Google search engine delivered right to you.  Instant messaging allows you to chat with your circles and let them know what’s going on right now. With Instant upload, you are able to instantly take pictures with your Android and instantly send them to your Google+ page. Google+ also comes equipped with a game room of over 40 different games to chose from. Another feature that Google+ offers is called Ripples.  Ripples is a visualization tool that gives you a view of the activity of a public post or share that you published. It shows you how the post “ripples” through the Google+ online network.




Google Plus has so many features, that it is more than just a regular social media site.  It does what other sites do, only more. The team at Google make changes and roll out new additions practically every day.  I myself, am still learning the ins and outs of the website and trying to keep up with the changes. I have become a fan of the site and use it for both personal and business reasons, which is made easy to do with circles, which is also one of my favorite of the sites many features.  Do you use Google +?

Join me @ Google +


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  1. Mike says:

    Google + is shaking things up in the social media world for sure! It should be interesting to see how things play out between Google + and Facebook!
    Mike recently posted..Thanks For Sharing The Numis Network ReviewMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      You’ve got that right! It’s probably going to be something to see. :)-
      Thank you for the comment!

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