What I Learned from Donald Trump: April 10 – 12th

What I Learned from Donald Trump


I consider myself extremely lucky to have received a ticket to the National Achievers Congress 2012 in San Jose, California April 9 through the 12th. I had no idea exactly what this congress was about, seeing as how I had never even heard of it before. All I knew was that I would be seeing some fantastic speakers such as Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.


I actually got to see these 3 men as well as a dozen other successful entrepreneurs from around the world spanning many different niches and industries. I learned so much that I could probably write 10 more articles, and had a ton of great experiences. This one is about only Mr. Trump. Before this congress, I didn’t know very much about Mr. Trump; just what I would hear about in the news which was mainly about his television show, The Apprentice, his hair, or his latest business acquisition. I have read only one of his books.  The one that he co-authored with Robert Kiyosaki, which is entitled,  “Why We Want You to Be Rich”.


I was very impressed and entertained by Mr. Trump. He walked on stage at the San Jose Convention Center to thousands of cheering and applauding fans. He exudes charisma and intelligence in person that helps to make him such a successful businessman. He has had many successes in his life as well as failures. He never gives up. I thoroughly enjoyed his speech and hung onto every word, wanting to learn everything this well know business master had to say. I wanted to pass on to you, the reader the things that I learned from Donald Trump that day. His speech was about Success in Business and Life. What follows is what I learned from Mr. Trump: (in the order they were said) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!




Handling pressure is so important. It’s an ability you have to have to be successful.

You have to love what you do….then, you’ll be successful. You will be happy.

Never quit

Be optimistic

Always be passionate with what you do and go with your gut.

Go with your gut

Have common sense – it can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Hire the best people- but they have to respect you and not think they know more than you

Be a little paranoid – some people will try and take advantage of you

Don’t get your lips pumped! – something he said he learned after meeting a certain Hollywood actress

Don’t let people take advantage of you. Go after them – Get even!
Get a pre-nuptual agreement – you need to have certainty

Always think positive; think it’s going to happen.

Be prepared; at the same time, protect yourself against the downside.

And lastly……..

To be a WINNER, think like a WINNER!


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6 Responses to What I Learned from Donald Trump: April 10 – 12th

  1. Mike says:

    I was at NACS 2012 and Trump was awesome. He had so much great advice and was great to listen to. I was writing frantically to get as much as I could on paper so I could review it when I returned. Thanks for sharing your experience Jodene! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Social Media Marketing – Part 2My Profile

    • jodene says:

      NAC 2012 was such an awesome experience. I was so glad that I attended. I couldn’t pass up those speakers! I learned a great deal of information that I am still trying to absorb it! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for NAC 2013!

      – Jodene

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