I De-cluttered and Created Ease with a 24 Hour Tolerance Challenge

I De-cluttered and Created Ease with a 24 Hour Tolerance Challenge


I am always up for a challenge. The time came again that Jim Bunch, founder of The Ultimate Game of Life was offering another Free challenge. This challenge was the 24 Hour Tolerations Challenge.


The Goal

The goal was to eliminate as many challenges as we could in 24 hours.

Wednesday, September 4th, there was the Tolerations Workshop webinar where all participants met to learn what tolerations are, how they affect us, our lives, and how to come up with our own list of tolerations that we wanted to get rid of. In typical Jim fashion, he gamified the challenge, and we were able to give ourselves points for each toleration we eliminated.

The next day, September 5th, there was a follow up webinar, where we all came together again to share our wins and discuss the challenge together as a community.


So, what are Tolerances?

We have many tolerations in our lives that a lot of the time, we aren’t even aware of them. They rob us of our energy and can leave us feeling drained and unmotivated. Tolerations give off negative energy and can create a negative response from us. Since everything is energy and carries energy that can be either negative or positive, by eliminating some of the tolerances in our environment, we eliminate some of that negative energy, ultimately feeling better, happier and motivated.

Tolerations can be something as simple as clutter in your office, an unorganized in box, broken appliances or equipment that need repairing, being dehydrated, unfit, having a lot of debt, being around negative or complaining people, having a messy yard, or hand prints on your walls. The list can go on and on….


 How to eliminate a tolerance?

The first step, is to walk around your home, your yard, and your workspace. Make a list of all the tolerances that you can find, small or large. You may just have a few, but as you look around and think a while, you will come up with more.

Once you have your list, take action, and knock some of them off your list. You will notice a change in your environment, and a change in you. You will feel better, and may even enjoy making the list and scratching them off as you get them done.


Can you think of some tolerances right now that exist in your life, that you would love to eliminate them? I invite you to tell me about it in the comment section below. I would also love to hear your wins and your experience of eliminating tolerances from your life.


If you would like to check out The Ultimate Game of Life and see when the next challenge will be, CLICK HERE. Jim has about 4 free challenges a year. It is his way to give back and to create a group of like minded people to get together, have fun, and create the life they want.

Jodene Brown is an entrepreneur living in Ventura, California who helps others to have a home based businesses and become financially free.

Work with Jodene at : Solavei.


Jodene Brown



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14 Responses to I De-cluttered and Created Ease with a 24 Hour Tolerance Challenge

  1. Good article. LOL, I do have some tolerations in my life. However, I never viewed them the same way you described them in your article. I understand how clutter would affect my creative thinking process, and results I would receive from hanging around negative people. Thanks for the insight. I will definitely make a list of tolerations, and start getting rid of them one by one.
    Karl E Bennett Jr recently posted..30 Days To Profits…Whats A Quick Way To Make Money?My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Hi Karl, and thank you. One of the reason’s that I was so excited to take part in this challenge was because I didn’t realize that some things in my life were tolerances and were causing me negative energy. It was such a rewarding and learning experience. Once you start, it’s hard to stop! I hope you have a great time with your list!

  2. Ashley says:

    WOW!!! I LOVE this post so much! I feel like I’m going thru a HUGE de-clutter phase in my life. Not just clutter; relationships, health stuff, kids toys, clothes, etc. Everything is become a little cleaner and a little more positive and I can FEEL the difference. I’m going actually make a list and try to tackle that list this month. Thank you for sharing this, I loved reading it!

    • jodene says:

      Hi Ashley, thank you so much. I am glad you liked it. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate! You will definitely feel a lot better, lighter and freer. I am soo excited for you!

  3. Mike says:

    There always seems to be a tolerance somewhere! I think I have them all crossed off and poof! another sprouts up! lol It is an amazing feeling to do a challenge and get rid of as many as you can in 24 hours.

    By including a point system and a group of like minded people playing the same challenge it becomes more fun and rewarding. I think I have a few tolerances I am going to go take care of right now! Thanks for the great post and inspiration. See you in The Ultimate Game!! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..What Is This Rippln Mobile App Thingy?My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Mike, thank you for stopping by. It is fun isn’t it?! I didn’t thin I would enjoy it as much as I did. I love a challenge anyway, but the eliminations was fun. Like you, I keep coming up with more and more things to add to the list! And, I definitely feel a lot better too. 🙂

  4. Emily Stoik says:

    What a great idea…sometimes we aren’t even aware of how much we put up with and tolerate but shouldn’t …thanks for the great reminder 🙂

    • jodene says:

      It is definitely a good reminder Emily. It definitely opened up my eyes to things I had in my environment that I didn’t even know was there.

  5. Thanks for sharing this resource with us, Jodene!
    Carol Steinberg recently posted..17 at the Bus StopMy Profile

  6. Great idea. I have heard it before and created a list of the mess in my office space, but failed to carry out the second part, which is take some action. Instead I now have a worse mess. What I usually do is say to myself, I have this, this and this to do today. I’e got to knock them out first, then I’ll take care of the clutter.

    Problem is This, this and this is hared to do because I can’t find something in order to do this. What’s more, the next this has the same problem, so ti probably takes at least 3-5 times longer to do the simple actions that I started out with, so now. . .

    I have to make a new list. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Gloria Reibin recently posted..Passion – Marketing TipsMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you, Gloria. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I know that it gets easier the more you do it. Maybe it’s just the act of getting into a habit and get a process down. At least you know that it needs to be done because some people don’t actually see it as a problem or realize how better they may feel once it’s done. Good luck! 🙂

  7. Aaaah, I love this! I wish I knew about it when it was happening – what a great concept (Tolerances)… it sounds very very interesting, I totally get the whole idea. I will have to check out Jim Bunch’s website again, I haven’t been there for a while and must not be on his list. Thanks Jodene!
    Martina Mariu recently posted..Forget your middle class frustrations and feel like a millionaireMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      I had a blast Martina! I didn’t think I would and also didn’t think that I would have the time to do it with a full time job and commuting, but I did it. It was a great time. I definitely made progress. Definitely check out Jim’s site. He has a bunch of free videos that I don’t remember seeing when I did the 90 day challenge. 🙂

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