It Was Time For Break….a Trip to the Fair!

It Was Time For Break….a Trip to the Fair!


I am a huge believer in taking breaks. When I say break, I mean getting up and away from my desk. I have made it a habit to change my environment several times a day. Usually, I take a 5 to 10 minute walk around the neighborhood, or cruise across the street the the park. I don’t know about you, but after a while, my brain starts to wander and then I begin to lose my focus. Taking a break gives our minds a chance to re-energize and gain a new perspective.

We went to the fair! –

This past Wednesday, I did more than just take a little break. I took the whole day off! We had a total environment change. We went down to the Ventura County Fair, just a few miles from where I live. Not only was it a change of environment, but it gave us something to do that was out of the ordinary. It was a fun day of food, entertainment and a learning experience. We go at least once every year when the fair is in town. I took a few photos to share our day with you.


Ventura County Fair seen from the Pier - the fairgrounds are on the left of the picture

Ventura County Fair seen from the Pier – the fairgrounds are on the left of the picture

We took a walk out onto the pier where I took this picture of the fairgrounds. You can see the giant ferris wheel on the left. It was such a beautiful day.


VC Fair - Garden Street EntranceWe like to use the side gate where the entrance where the lines are shorter, and you get led right to the food booths.


The Giant Ferris Wheel

The Giant Ferris Wheel

The Giant Ferris Wheel is one of my favorite rides. The view at the top is amazing (I have no picture of that). The fairgrounds are located right at the beach, so when you are at the top, you get 360 degree view and can see the Pacific ocean, islands, mountains, and Santa Barbara to the north and Port Hueneme to the south.


Prizes to be won hanging from the roof of a game booth in the midway


Mississippi rock band - 3 Doors Down

Mississippi rock band – 3 Doors Down

As the sun was setting, 3 Doors Down took to the stage. They played an awesome show, a lot of their hits such as Kryptonite, It’s Not My Time, and When I’m Gone, and an awesome cover of Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction. They rocked the house, which was actually the speedway.


After the show, we strolled over to see the the animals at the agricultural area where we saw a ton of cows, goats, sheep, chicken, rabbits, turkies, geese, and more.  We came across a huge mother hog feeding her little offspring.  There were at least a dozen of them. She had just laid down as I was taking pictures.

Mama hog with her dozen piglets

Mama hog with her dozen piglets


Earlier in the day, we had watched a horse and mule show. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of that. At first, I didn’t notice that they were mules because they looked very much like horses. If you really look at these beautiful animals, you could see that they weren’t horses. The woman conducting the show explained that mating a Jack, a male donkey, with a mare, a female horse, it produces a mule. At one point in my life, I think I learned that, but had forgotten that fact! She went on to say that  a mule is 5 times smarter than a horse and had a better personality, but didn’t go on to tell us how they came up with those statistics. I enjoyed watching the mules jumping and performing tricks while learning about them.


The night was capped off with a spectacular fireworks show that lasted almost 15 minutes.  We had such a great time at the fair. We have gone every year since we’ve been in Ventura,  which is almost ten years now. It gives me a chance to get away from my every day activities and get a chance to re-energize so that when I get back to my desk the next day, I will be refreshed and re-focused. I got a break away from my daily monotony and got to have a new and fun experience.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I wanted to share a little bit of my day off with you.

What do you do to take a break, or take a day off?

Do you have a County Fair in your area? do you go?   I would love to hear your experiences!


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Jodene Brown is an entrepreneur living in Ventura, California who helps others to have a home based businesses and become financially free.

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Jodene Brown


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10 Responses to It Was Time For Break….a Trip to the Fair!

  1. What a fun day! Great post! Love county fair’s and festivals. Our Gladiolus Festival was this last weekend. So many rides and vendors. It was a fun time as well. 🙂
    Tami Principe recently posted..My Books – OrdersMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Tami. I really do love the fair! 🙂
      Your festival sounds awesome. I would love to go! Glad you had a good time, you deserve it!

  2. Ray says:

    My big days off doing something different are usually spent fishing in some of fashion or another these days. I do love going to fair though, especially the state fair here in Kentucky. May have to go soon, as that is coming up I think next week. Thanks for inspiring me to such potential action.
    Ray recently posted..Clean Characters from Old WordPress DatabaseMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      I am used to the fair here in southern California. I would love to go to yours! I have never been to Kentucky, but would like to visit. Fishing sounds great, something relaxing and fun. Hoe you have a great time at the state fair! 🙂

  3. Bonnie Gean says:

    What a wonderful set of pictures and a great explanation about your day! I would love to go to a fair, but there aren’t many in close proximity of where I live!

    When I go to visit the family in PA, we try to get out and do things, but I don’t get down there often enough. Next trip, I will make it a point to snap some pictures too!

    Going on vacation at the end of this month, so I’ll take pictures of the cabin and boat rides we intend to take! It should be fun! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Why You Should Start A Blog To Build A Network Of Business FriendsMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Bonnie Gean. I definitely love the fair- the people, the atmosphere, games, rides, entertainment and of course, the food. I would love to see the pictures of your vacation. I have never been to the eastern side of the U.S., and would love to experience it. A cabin and boat rides sound wonderful! 🙂

  4. Hi, Jodene …

    What a terrific day you had! Reminded me of so many community fairs I’ve enjoyed over the years – I could almost smell the hot dogs and fried onions!

    I think that county fairs are such a wonderful opportunity to get outside of your regular routine, just like you did – and go breathe in some different air, see some exciting and interesting sights, and maybe be just a little bit naughty in the diet department … because all work and no play does very little for one’s charming personality.

    I’m looking forward to our fall fair, which happens for two full weeks leading up to Labour Day … it’s always an offering of sensory overload and total exhaustion … and I love it!!

    Thanks for the great photographs, too … visuals make it twice as nice!

    Lily-Ann MacDonald recently posted..When Trouble This Way ComesMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Hi Lily-Ann,
      The county fair is definitely a great place to go that is outside the norm. I think the food is one of the best parts, although the only “bad” food I had was a big sweet cinnamon roll. it was good. 🙂 You’re right that all work and no play does little for the “charming personality”! Sometimes, I think we need to almost force ourselves to get out and have some fun. Enjoy tour upcoming fair. It sounds like you’re in for a great time too! 🙂

  5. Mike says:

    Ventura Fair rules! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..What Is This Rippln Mobile App Thingy?My Profile

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