And the Moral to This Story Is…

And the Moral to This Story Is….



I hike every Sunday, or at least I try to. There’s a nice park up in the hills of Ventura that we go to. The trails are uphill and downhill, but it seems there are more going up than down. And when I say uphill, I mean steep, like one step at a time, a little slower than you would ascend a flight of stairs. I like these trails because of the beauty, the animals, and the other people you come across on your journey. On parts of the trails, you can see both mountains and the Pacific Ocean. It’s just beautiful.

Today, the hike was harder for me than usual. It is a very challenging hike. My allergies tend to get the best of me this time of year. And today, they were merciless. I am not one to give up either. I was going to get through the hike even if it took me all day. It was a little hard to breathe, I wasn’t getting enough air into my lungs so that prevented me from going at my usual pace. So, I tried stopping for a few minutes then starting back up again. Nope. Still had problems. Then, I tried a really slow pace, and had people passing me up at jog, or just walking normal. They just flew right past me. Going slower helped a little bit. I could catch my breath a bit.

As I was walking up the steep trail at a snail’s pace, barely making progress, I realized: This is the universe trying to tell me to SLOW DOWN!!! I was unable to go any faster if I tried. If I wanted to continue, I had to go slow. It was obvious to me then. As entrepreneurs, we are so busy building our business, marketing, trying new things, meeting people, training, writing, networking and the list goes on and on, that we forget to breathe. Any guru out there will tell you the same. Take a break every once in a while! You can’t grow or prosper if you’re so busy that you burn out. And, as Jack Torrance says in “The Shining”, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

So, get out there and have some fun every once in a while! It won’t kill you. If anything it will help you. So today, on this hike, it wasn’t the threat of the rattlesnakes slowing me down, it was me. I was reminded by the universe to slow down and enjoy the scenery. To enjoy life a while. My work and my business will be there when I get home! So, until then I’ll enjoy life to the fullest and take a break every once in a while.

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