How Do You Start a Ripple?

How Do You Start a Ripple?


How Do You Start a Ripple?This is a great question, probably one that you’ve asked yourself.

You’ve probably seen it mentioned all over Facebook.

Since Rippln started and was introduced, it has gone viral and expanded around the globe. Now, they are still in the pre-launch phase and the buzz just isn’t dying down. They’ve almost reached one million members!

Rippln is quickly spreading and growing as more people want to get involved with this communication platform. An app that allows us to build a community and to see how our influence can spread as it ripples around the world. Just as Facebook spread from one person to the next, and Pinterest was by invite only, Rippln is growing just as quickly as these platforms did.

So, how do you start your ripple?

Before you even start, you need to be invited by someone who is already a member. Click Here to request your invite, and I will send you your code. Please include your name and  email address (or cell phone number if you prefer to have the code texted to you).

Once you are in, there are 4 easy steps to building your Ripple.

First, Accept your invitation

Once you are invited and receive an invitation code from someone who is already in Rippln, you use your code in the set up process to join. Joining is by invitation only. The invitations have an expiration and are only good for 24 hours. If you lag and the invitation expires, you can just go to the person who sent it to you and request another one. Invites are limited, so please only ask if you are serious about being a part of this growing community.

Second, Invite other people to join with you.

After you are in, you too will have a limited amount of invitations. Send them via email or texting to your friends, family, anyone who you think would like to participate in the ripples. Chose others who are serious and want to grow their ripples as well.

Third, Connect and share

Plug in and get connected. Get involved by watching the videos and information Rippln shares  with the community. Talk with people and play along. You get to have the opportunity to watch your ripple grow and see exactly how much of an impact sharing with just a few people can have.

The last and Fourth step, is Repeat step 2

Once all 5 of your invites have been accepted, jump right back into step 2 and share and invite more people. Before you know it, you can have your ripples ripplin throughout the globe! Let’s do this!


How Do You Start a Ripple?


 Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope to hear from you soon and have you join me in the ripples!



Jodene Brown is an entrepreneur living in Ventura, California who helps others to have a home based businesses and become financially free.

Work with Jodene at : Numis Network or Solavei.

Jodene Brown

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