Will Numismatic Coins Hold Their Value With the Drop in Gold Prices?

Will Numismatic Coins Hold Their Value With the Drop in Gold Prices?


I have some great news for my fellow Numis Network friends, or anyone who has an interest in gold coins, rare coins or silver numismatic coins! You may be interested if you have any kind of silver or gold in your portfolio.

I have come across this short video clip of a Fox News interview with David White from David B. White Financial from April 26, 2013. He talks about the effect of the dropping gold and silver prices on collectible coins. Will they hold there value?


YouTube Preview Image
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*While the coin from Numis Network and numismatic coins in general are not necessarily investment vehicles, they do have the potential to not only retain their value but increase as well. Especially given the current devaluation of the U.S. dollar.

Numis Network also offers a 5 year 100% Buy Back guarantee on the Silver Premier Club coin of the month MS70 coins.  This helps reduce risk and gives the customers peace of mind.



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Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.


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Jodene Brown

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5 Responses to Will Numismatic Coins Hold Their Value With the Drop in Gold Prices?

  1. Amy says:

    Interesting question, Jodene! Here’s a little constructive criticism from a grammar geek and fellow blogger, though: you may want to change your title to “HOLD THEIR VALUE” not “THERE,” since that’s the proper spelling of the possessive.
    Amy recently posted..Watching the sunset with AnyaMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Amy! I’m on it. I’m usually more careful. Thanks for the catch & bringing it to my attention! I love constructive criticism. 🙂

  2. Jodene,

    Good information in a world where the value of our portfolios can change on a seeming whim.
    Sheri Conaway recently posted..May 17, 2013 The Blessing of FriendshipMy Profile

  3. mrearlygold says:

    This is all very misleading to the neophyte. Very dishonest and misleading,
    and this “white financial” guy, what the heck is he doing on there? The
    blind leading the blind at best.

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