Numis Network’s 5 Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee

Numis Network’s 5 Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee


Early last year, the leaders of Numis Network made an astonishing and unbelievable surprise announcement. The energy and suspense had been building up for weeks. It was to be a never before done event in the history of the network marketing industry. The secret was finally revealed at the Numis University II held in Las Vegas, Nevada the weekend of February 18th 2011.

      Before a large crowd of excited and anxious entrepreneurs, all three of the company’s owners, Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell and Chris Kent took the stage for the unveiling. As we could no longer handle the suspense, they finally announced what has never been done before in the history of Numis Network or any other company…….Numis now has a 5 year 100% Money Back guarantee on their auto ship product! That’s right. If, after 5 years for any reason at all, a customer no longer wants their silver numismatic coins, Numis will buy back any or all of the coins for exactly what the customer originally paid for them!

      Numis Network first made history when it came out a little over 2 years ago as being the first of its kind to offer silver numismatic coins as their product. And, now they did it again with their 5 year money back guarantee. No other company in existence has ever offered such an amazing deal. Can you imagine? Those wonder juices and vitamins have an expiration date and after 5 years, you’re pretty much stuck with that product if you still have some sitting around! It’s nice to have a company that stands behind their product enough to offer their “100%  Buy Back Guarantee”!

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