What Would Your Super Power Be?


What Would Your Super Power Be?


What Super Power Would You Be?I was doing my usual commute today. Well, not usual commute. Today it took me an hour and 15 minutes each way instead of the usual 45 minutes. I felt like I’d been driving all day!

So, by the time I was almost home, I was tired and my back was hurting from the constant stop and go of my long HWY 101 drive.

Then it suddenly came to me. What I really wanted if I could have any special power or trait in the entire world, it would be to be able to teleport.

What Super Power Would You Have?



I never used to even consider teleportation as a super power because it didn’t seem exciting or cool like if I could run super fast, fly above the earth, breathe under water or throw cars at bad guys.

As an entrepreneur and business woman, what I really value the most is my time.

As an employee, I trade my time for a wage and spend countless hours driving to and from that job, most of it in traffic! I wouldn’t normally mind driving up the coast for pleasure, but the time I have spent in the car commuting to a job has added up to such a huge number I don’t even want to try to figure it out!

All that time is gone and I will never get that back.

(I make good time of my commute though – I turn it into a mobile university!)   See my other blog post: Making Good Use of Your Driving Time.


Which brings me back to my fantasy super power: teleportation!


What Super Power Would You Have?

I would absolutely love to do that. Jump from one place to another in the blink of an eye. Oh just think of what I can get done with all that time saved!


I could read more, learn more, write more blog posts, make more videos, schedule meetings with prospects, get to webinars/ classes…..the possibilities are endless!

I love my life, and use my spare time wisely. It has taken me some time and practice to organize my life so that I can balance job, business and personal life all into one without going totally bonkers.


If you could have any super power at all, what would it be?

I would love to know, so please share in the comment section below.


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To your success,

Jodene Brown

Jodene Brown



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8 Responses to What Would Your Super Power Be?

  1. sophiebowns says:

    Great post! I’d love to be invisible & sneak into West End shows for free 😉
    sophiebowns recently posted..Planchette-Part 82My Profile

  2. I think I’d wanna step off the time/space continuum, so I could tie up a few loose ends without the clock ticking.

    Stopping in from the Ultimate Blog Challenge group.
    Linda Ann – Working in Words recently posted..Jibe and Jive – Mixed messages and misused words from A to ZMy Profile

  3. I never sit in traffic however I can feel your pain today! I used to sit in traffic all the time. So I get the desire for a teleporter power! Awesome how you have learned to use your valuable time while in your car! Not many people have created that habit so a huge congrats to you Jodene! Not sure what power I would want yet what comes to mind is a much stronger trust of my intuition! Great post! Best Regards, Wendy 🙂
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..3 Tips for More EnergyMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you very much Wendy. The commuting gets to me sometimes, but I overcome those feelings. I have a beautiful commute thoghg, so that helps. But, I would love a teleporter! Just think of what you could do with a stronger and better intuition…. 🙂

  4. Carrie says:

    I completely agree with the teleportation idea! We were literally discussing it at work since we had winter in the middle of spring today and my boss had to brave the elements to get to a meeting.
    Work on that, would you? :o)
    Carrie recently posted..Find it Free on Friday: Stop by for Tea AND Have a question for you…My Profile

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