I Love Video Marketing – It’s a Must in Your Marketing Strategy

I Love Video Marketing – It’s a Must in Your Marketing Strategy


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Video marketing is just one of the many techniques that I use in my marketing strategy. It is a great and fun way to market yourself or your business. It is also so popular because more people would prefer to watch a video than read an article, at least it seems like they do! I say that because our attention span is not very long anymore, and videos allow us to get our point across in a time limit that we desire and can entertain at the same time. People love entertainment and many watch a lot of television.

I am in no way an expert, but I have learned some things along the way. I know what works for me and what doesn’t. Here is what I would suggest:


stop watch


Make the Videos short – like a minute & ½ to four or five minutes. I can barely get through one that is 10 minutes or more. You want to make it so that it grabs the viewer’s attention, but you don’t want to lose them or bore them.


I Love Video Marketing

Make a video every day – consistency is the key. I would like to make one every day, but find that sometimes I get too busy or don’t make enough time to do it. As I get better at making the videos, my frequency has increased. I’d say that I’m averaging about 3 a week. Just do it and get it done no matter how often.


I Love Video Marketing


Provide value – teach something, give the viewers some free information. The more you give and show them, the more you can build a relationship with them. Maybe they’ll comment, ask questions, share your video and keep coming back for more.


I Love Video Marketing

Be yourself- This one is important. For example, if you don’t wear a suit and tie in real life, don’t wear one in the video. Or, if you don’t use big words in your daily life, don’t do it in your video. If you act in a way on video that you don’t in your every day life, then you are giving a false representation of yourself. You will lose credibility and the viewers will not trust you. Remember: you’re making the videos to give people the chance to get to know you and build that relationship and community.


Be nice, courteous and clean – This one is common sense, but I felt I had to mention it! It’s pretty much self explanatory.


I Love Video Marketing


Just get out there and do it! – I actually made a video about this one. It’s called ”Take Action, Procrastination Kills”. If you were to wait for the perfect hair day, or the right weather, you may be waiting forever. These are just excuses that your mind comes up with to avoid doing it. I didn’t like making the videos at first. I thought it was awkward, and I would fidget (probably still do). But, you just have to take action and get it done. Trust me on this. It does get easier and you’ll probably enjoy it more the more you do.


And most importantly…..Just HAVE FUN!

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Thank you for reading, please feel free to comment and share!


To Your Success,

Jodene Brown

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10 Responses to I Love Video Marketing – It’s a Must in Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Yes I keep reading and learning that video is so crucial now as an online marketing strategy. I find it the most intimidating strategy for me and I must figure out a way to include this valuable strategy every day. Thanks for the great reasons why it is important. Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Choices for Health!My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Wendy. There are still a lot of times that I don’t feel like making a video, so I don’t. But I do have time usually on the weekends to film a couple. Any progress is good though, and you’ve got a lot of videos on your channel. 🙂 I visit it quite often.

  2. Gail says:

    Some great tips. I have seriously been thinking about launching a v-blog, both a professional (marketing) one and a personal one. Stay tooned!
    Gail recently posted..Beckhams: Get Over Yourselves!My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Gail.
      It would be great to watch your videos! I’ll definitely stay tuned! I have kind of a mixture or written only blog posts, and some videos. Sometimes, I’ll use the videos if I’m strapped for time, or blanking on an idea. I’m beginning to enjoy the videos though! 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    Some great tips. Video is certainly one to add to the mix, if you can find the courage!
    Gail recently posted..Beckhams: Get Over Yourselves!My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Gail,
      I like to have a diverse marketing strategy. Our community probably like a variety too. In the beginning, I didn’t want to do it and would procrastinate when ever I could (I made a video about that too!!) i consider myself to be shy and used to not like being in front of the camera, but it does get easier!

  4. I have never posted a video yet. They somehow sound better in my head than on tape. 😀 I´m still the photography type. Thanks for the encouragement!
    Paula – Buenos Aires recently posted..March 2013 summary / April 2013 plansMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you for the comment Paula.
      I love photography. I used to take more photos at my previous home, when I was more motivated. I’ll get back to it someday! I’m getting more used to making videos – I didn’t like it very much; the coming up with ideas, or being in front of the camera. It does get easier and I find that I actually enjoy it!

  5. Mike says:

    Great advice. Just do it and have FUN!!! 🙂
    Mike recently posted..How To Add MASSIVE Value To Your LifeMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      I got some great advice from a friend. I don’t even want to think about where I would be without his help and wisdom..probably still thinking about making a video! Just do it is a great piece of advice. So simple, yet so meaningful.

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