Feedback? I Say Bring It On!

Feedback? I Say Bring It On!

Feedback? I Say Bring it On!

I was planning on writing a blog post about blogging today, but I have changed my mind. Why? You ask did I not follow my plan that I made for myself today? Well, I was walking through my home office earlier this afternoon, when I heard my partner receiving some feedback, some really constructive criticism from a team mate of his on a capture page. Then I tried to remember the last time I got some feedback from someone other than my partner. Honestly, I can’t really remember when.

The reason I haven’t gotten any feedback lately is simple. I haven’t asked for it! You know what they say: “Ask and you shall receive”. People won’t just automatically give you their opinions. If they did, they just might come off sounding mean or rude, leaving you wondering what’s up with that person.

Feedback? I Say Bring it On

Feedback is such an important part of business that I am going to make it a habit to ask for it. Feedback can point us in the right direction. That constructive criticism helps us to see where we can improve in the areas that we lack and show us our strengths so that we can build them up. Getting feedback will help you and your business to grow and prosper.

It helps to get a different perspective and different point of view when it comes to something that you are creating and building for your business. I find that I have more of an analytical brain and have a fascination with numbers. So, it fits that my business partner has more of a creative brain and has an awesome way with words. I greatly value others people’s opinions especially if they can see something in a way that I cannot.

I was grateful that I walked through the office when I did. It was a stark reminder to me that I haven’t been to good at asking for feedback! Now, I am more aware and won’t think twice about receiving thoughts, ideas and opinions from others.

Feedback? I Say Bring it On!

What are your thoughts on receiving feedback?

                                                                     Do you make it a habit to ask for feedback?



Thank you for reading, and for your opinions!
Jodene Brown

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Jodene Brown

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7 Responses to Feedback? I Say Bring It On!

  1. Hi Jodene, I really like how you write and enjoy the fact that you have allowed yourself to move outside the box for your post today!
    I do agree it is very good to get feedback.
    The only thing that I noticed in this post you relate “feedback” and “positive criticsim”. I don’t really think there can be “positive criticism”! Feedback for sure!
    Other than that I think you are doing a really great job, providing value and good content. Each time I come by I have learned something new here. Thanks, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Life with Messes!My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you for your comments! I value your opinions my fellow blogger! It never dawned on me to ask for feedback. Here I am constantly learning and developing my skill, but what happened to the feedback? I definitely need to get into that habit! I believe there’s always room for improvement! As far as the term positive criticism….I’ll have to think about that! Thank you for your input. I’ll see you on your blog. 
      ~ Jodene

  2. Mike says:

    Thank you for your honesty in your post. It is a powerful skill to know how to become aware and then take action to correct it. I freakin’ LOVE feedback. As one of my coaches likes to say, “The mind that created the problem is rarley the mind which solves it’.

    In other words, share what your doing with team members and let them tear it apart. If you have good team mates, they will be honest with you even if it seems harsh sometimes because they want you to succeed.

    Without feedback, you could end up loosing quite a bit of money marketing or investing in something that isn’t going to work. Be open. Listen to others and your path to whatever you want in life will appear!

    Wow. I went off on a little spill there. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! Your blog post is awesome! Although a call to action would be even better. That’s my feedback anyway. lol 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Secrets Of World-Class EntrepreneursMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you for your honesty! I would like to know if I could do anything better! I love other people’s points of views, because sometimes I just don’t see it! That’s a very smart quote about the mind that created the problem is rarely the one that solves it! It’s so true!
      ~ Jodene

  3. Stella Scott says:

    Funny, I actually thought you where going to ask for some kind of feedback in this post. 🙂

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