Do What You Fear and the Fear Will Disappear

Do What You Fear and the Fear Will Disappear


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Today, I want to talk about something important, and that is fear.

Fear is something that we experience in our daily lives, and I think especially when it comes to internet marketing, and being an entrepreneur, there can be a lot of fear in our minds. That fear can prevent us from doing things that we should be doing and taking risks. Fear can hold you back. Fear can prevent success. Fear can delegate our lives if we let it. Fear can actually cost us money.

The phrase is: “Do what you fear and the fear will disappear”.  I hear that phrase quite often in my internet world.

What that means is, just don’t even think about it….just take action. That’s the only way that we’ll be able to move forward and not let fear take control of our lives. If we don’t then we’ll just stay where we are and if our goal is to progress, or to change ourselves, or to become more successful than where we are now, it’s all about taking action and removing that fear.

So, remove that fear, and the fear will disappear. I love that phrase. It’s in my brain and on my mind. I think about the phrase whenever I hesitate, when doing things. It’s a habit that I am working on, but it works. So, just do what it is that stops you, and you’ll overcome it, you’ll make progress!


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8 Responses to Do What You Fear and the Fear Will Disappear

  1. MyCyberSpaceBiz says:

    I love the title of your vid! Just do it and that fear will prove to be nothing. Great message Jodene! 🙂

  2. Jodene Brown says:

    Thanks for the comment. it’s very true – do what you fear and it will disappear. try it lol!

  3. Jodene Brown says:

    @ chester – thanks for the video comment! i love it!

  4. Very true Jodene! False Evidence Appearing Real! Great message for today. Thanks for the reminder. Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Always learning, always changingMy Profile

  5. Mike says:

    That was seriously an awesome video. I really felt you speaking from your heart. And the phrase “Do what you fear and the fear will disappear” is true! Thank you for this post and for facing your fears so you can become an inspiration to all of us. 🙂
    Mike recently posted..Boulders In the RoadMy Profile

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