Take Action – Procrastination Kills!!!!

Take Action – Procrastination Kills!!!!


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Taking action is so very important because when it comes to doing things, if we listen to our inner voice that comes up with all these reasons why we can’t do it, or why we shouldn’t do it, then it will never get done.

Take making videos for example. I filmed this video inside because it is a very hot day and there are a ton of people outside running around, making noise, and it’s windy. So, if I were to wait for all of this to die down, I’m going to miss my chance, and I’m not going to get it done.

One of my good friends and business partners told me this because I was procrastinating making these videos, and he just said, “You know what, If you don’t do it now, you’re not going to do it.” And, he was right.

So, the main point is to take action. Don’t listen to the little voice that might tell you not to, and all the reasons why. Just take action.

The more you procrastinate, it’s gonna kill it.

You’re not going to be active, you’re not going to be successful.

You’re just going to sit around and make excuses.

This is my thought for the day.

Thanks for watching and reading.

Jodene Brown

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11 Responses to Take Action – Procrastination Kills!!!!

  1. Lisa Darling says:

    Thank you for the video Jodene about procrastination! 🙂 I don’t let my head have a vote when it comes to taking action. 🙂 I just get up, take action and go! Thank you for the affirming reminder! 🙂

  2. MyCyberSpaceBiz says:

    Procrastination and perfectionism lead to nowhere. Action however, leads to dreams.

  3. Wendy Bottrell says:

    Nice video Jodene! So very true that the little voice inside can keep us from taking action. Just by repeatedly doing the new action ( ie. doing videos) it then becomes the new habit. Great messge and I really like how you complete your message. Like comment and share! Will be adding that to my videos. Thanks for that. 🙂 Awesome job and message. Best Regards, Wendy

  4. Jodene Brown says:

    thank you Wendy. I have definitely tried to make video making a habit. I’ve been making them on the weekends & then post them during the week. At least it’s progress! i was admiring how you say your website when you end yours. Funny you should mention mine, as I was thinking about yours! Now I just need to get into that habit!

  5. Jodene Brown says:

    That it does….that it does.& I forgot to mention perfectionism! That one used to get me too!You should make a video about that!

  6. Jodene Brown says:

    You’re welcome Lisa. It’s great that you don’t let your mind have a vote when it comes to action. Even the slightest hesitation will give your mind time to start talkin’ to ya!

  7. Mike says:

    Just do it!!!! Great post Jodene!
    Mike recently posted..Secrets Of World-Class EntrepreneursMy Profile

  8. Dewi Luna says:

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  10. Novi Chrisnawa says:

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