Numis Network to Launch in the UK September 1, 2011

Numis Network to Launch in the UK September 1, 2011




Numis Network is Launching in the UK!!


     Numis Network is having a prelaunch of their expansion into the United Kingdom on September 1, 2011. The main official launch will take place two months later, on November 1, 2011. Currently, Numis is based in Florida and has representatives in The United States and Canada. Starting September 1, they will have reps in The United Kingdom!

     Numis Network is the only company of its kind in the world today. Numis is a young network marketing company that deals with government issued, government approved numismatic coins. These coins are graded MS70 by one of three top grading companies, and are valuable collectibles. Their main product is the Silver Coin of the Month Club, where members receive a different numismatic silver coin each month.

     Numismatic coins can be collected and shared and enjoyed with your family for generation after generation. It is a legacy that you can leave for your descendants to enjoy after you are gone and make great gifts as well.

     Numis Network is also the only network marketing company that offers its customers a 5 year money back guarantee. That’s right, if, after 5 years, you aren’t happy with your coins or are not satisfied with them, Numis will buy them back from you for the exact price that you paid for your coins.   No other company in the industry has provided such an offer.

     They just celebrated 2 years in business. The company’s three owners, Jake Kevorkian, Ian Cordell and Chris Kent have a combined 60 plus years of experience in the network marketing industry, working as both representatives and owners. Numis’s leadership and product are just a couple of things that make Numis such a great and exciting company.


If you’d like to learn more about Numis Network and discover how you can create the life of your dreams by collecting silver assets, CLICK HERE.



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Numis Network’s 5 year 100% Buy Back Gurantee

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5 Responses to Numis Network to Launch in the UK September 1, 2011

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome! Numis is in the UK! 🙂 Great article, Jodene. Thank you for keeping me updated on Numis Network!

  2. jodene says:

    I’ll do my best to keep you updated! I actually am working on another article about another one of their huge surprises!…..I can tell you are a numis fan already. I think we picked a good one! At least, i am happy with what I have experienced so far & can’t wait until they spread even farther! Maybe Australia?….I’m hoping!
    Thanks for reading :)-

  3. Jennjenn says:

    I like the 5 year money back gaurantee! =)

    • jodene says:

      I Like it too! It helps though, at least to know that if you change your mind, you get your money back! Not that I would want to; I love silver!

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