How Do You Perceive These Phrases?


How Do You Perceive These Phrases?


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The other day, I overheard someone tell the person next to her not to get her hopes up. I realized that that’s a phrase I heard a lot while growing up. I thought how sad that statement really is. Why would someone not want to get his or her hopes up? Isn’t it better that we Do get our hopes up?

Isn’t it better for us that we have expectations? (and the bigger the better), to have a goal or something to focus on and move toward? To me, it is having a dream. I would like to hope and dream for bigger and better things for my life.

To tell someone to not get their hope up, is to tell them to not even try because they may not get what they want, might get hurt or they might even fail. Its our failures that make us a stronger person. We can learn from our failures to improve ourselves. If we didn’t take risks, or try something new, then there would be no growth. We would be stagnant, and ultimately, unhappy.


grass is greener

Since I’m on the topic of phrases that I’m not too fond of, another one is this, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. It really bothers me when I hear this one uttered! Why are we comparing ourselves to someone else? We can always find someone who has a bigger car, bigger yard, more money etc. than we do. Searching for these things will make us feel bad about ourselves, and we’ll start to believe that maybe we aren’t worthy of being great.

I believe that we should make our “yard” the best we possibly can, and make it something that we enjoy and can be proud of. We should enjoy the life we have created, instead of wanting what someone else has and compare ourselves to others.


As I was writing this, I was thinking about where I am and who I am around when I hear these phrases. You see, I find myself floating between two worlds. That of an employee and that of an entrepreneur. I am in the process of transitioning from one to the other. I’ve been creating the life that I want and moving toward the realm of the entrepreneur. And the times when I hear those phrases are from people in the employee environment. They tend to believe these phrases- that other people have it better than they do, and what’s the point of trying. (As I mentioned before, these are the beliefs that I hear pretty much on a daily basis when I am at the workplace, and that is what my opinions are based on).

It all comes down to a person’s mindset, and their beliefs. If you believe something to be true, then it will be your truth.

I have the mindset of an entrepreneur, also known as the money mindset. It’s taken me a while, but I’m getting there because it doesn’t happen over night. Developing a mindset can take time and practice. If you want to learn to strengthen your money, or millionaire mind, check out this FREE event – The Millionaire Mind Intensive  (I did, & it totally changed my life!)


Millionaire Mind Intensive


Thank you for reading!

Can you think of any more phrases that you can add to the list and share?


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5 Responses to How Do You Perceive These Phrases?

  1. Mike says:

    Lots of truth in this post Jodene. I’ve been taking up the phrase “Everywhere I go the grass is super green!”. And I always get my hopes up. Those two phrases that you shared are like a plague in our society today. What about the say “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? What point is there to have a cake if you can’t eat the thing? lol I have my cake, I eat it, I share it, and when it’s gone I make another one. Rinse and repeat!
    Mike recently posted..Solar Fields – SombreroMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Mike, That’s another great one!!! I hear that one frequently also. It seems people hear a phrase and just use it. They probably don’t even think of what it is they’re saying. I like your take on all those sayings. I’m going to have to start that too….& say heck yeah, I Can have my cake, eat it too…..& go back for seconds!
      Thanks for the response!

    • Aeron says:

      Great idea Jodene. I like your idea about staying in ctronol of your day by what you do first thing. Focusing on what I want to accomplish in my day first is a much more empowering way to begin. Checking out email or text messages is truly not a positive way to begin. Thanks for the reminder. Like the Mind Dump! WendyWendy Bottrell recently posted..

  2. Hey Jodene, Bravo! Very well done. You bet we must have hope! Hope for a better life. I think of hope in my business in 2 ways. My hope and dreams for a successful, dynamic business through action as well as planning and H.O.P.E. ( Helping Other People Excel)!
    Comparing is simply a waste of time because in truth the Grass is never greener on the other side! 🙂 Thanks for the great reminders to be careful with our thoughts, keep our hopes and dreams alive and don’t compare to anyone. Best Regards, Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..You might just be shocked today!My Profile

    • jodene says:

      You are so right Wendy. You have some great ways of looking at your life. The way we look at things is one of the things that sets aside from other people and allows us to progress and make success!

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