Identify Your Avatar – Have More Success

Identify Your Avatar – Have More Success

Identify your avatar

Let’s start at the very beginning. If you are selling a product or service to people, you need customers!  I know that’s common sense. But before we do anything, we need to find out who our avatar is. Your avatar will help you to effectively and successfully sell your product or service to someone.  An avatar is your customer – who you are selling your product to. The avatar is your “ideal” prospect, or the perfect buyer. It represents the entire world or environment that he or she is living in. Determining things such as their sex, age, monthly income and what life situation they are living etc. can hep you to narrow down your avatar.


Identify your avatar

To discover who or what your avatar is, consider and answer the following questions:

Are they male or female?

What is his/her age?

What is their monthly income?

What is their current life situation?

What bothers them the most in their life right now?

What excites them or makes them happy in their life right now?

What terrifies them, or causes them stress?

What do they do in their spare time?

What groups do they belong to on Facebook, what do they “like”?

Once we determine who our avatar is, then we can then know how to talk to them. We will also know how and where to reach them. We will be able to speak their language. We will better understand their problems and wants and then be able to offer them the solution. Because remember, it’s not just selling them a product or service. It is providing them with a solution the their problem!

Finding your avatar will better help you to get your product or service to your customers. You will end up with better leads and spend less money on advertising. You will also need to spend less of your time on these people because you know who they are and what they need/want. In other words, you will be where they are hanging out. When they are looking, you will be there.

Thank you for reading, Talk to you soon,

Jodene Brown

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Jodene Brown

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6 Responses to Identify Your Avatar – Have More Success

  1. Hey Jodene, yes finding your perfect customer is so important for your business. It can take time to really figure it out however the value of doing so is well worth it. Thanks for the great post, great reminder and the details on getting there. Your graphics for this post are really fun! 🙂 Wendy
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Social Media for Network MarketersMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you so much for the comment Wendy.
      I realized that marketing is so much easier and have had more success when I narrowed down my perfect customer! The questions may sound a little strange at first, but it truly does work. It can save a lot of time and money too.
      ~ Jodene

  2. Martin says:

    Awesome post you got here Jodene! Great tips and questions anyone can ask themselves when creating their avatar! =)

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Martin!
      The questions really are simple, yet make a huge difference when you go to sit down and come up with your marketing strategy. when i got this concept, a light bulb went on in my brain and all of a sudden, it just made sense!
      ~ Jodene

  3. Stella Scott says:

    This is a great post Jodene! It is so true, It also makes so much easier to write a blogpost. I know my avatars problem, and I know I have the solution!

    I know her worries, her age, her education, her friends, her passions, her siblings, her apartment and where she lives. And yes, she is a she! 😉
    Stella Scott recently posted..Dry LipsMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Stella. I’m glad you liked it.
      You’re right in that it also makes it easier to write a blog post! So true! Thank you for pointing that out & sharing that with my readers. I can tell you have your avatar picked!
      ~ Jodene

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