6 Tips to Get the Best Out of the Live Event

6 Tips to Get the Best Out of the Live Event


     You bought tickets to the live event. You made travel plans to get there, and you have hotel reservations while the event is going on. Now what do you do while you’re there?

Of course, you go prepared with your notebook, pen, business cards and video camera, but how do you get the absolute most out of your experience?


Here are 6 tips of what You can do to get the most out of the live event:


1. Be present. You want to make sure that mentally, you are there and free of any distractions. Don’t think about or worry about things left behind at home, or what needs to be done when you return to your office etc. Focus on where you are now and what is going on.

2. Be open minded. Don’t judge others or not want to meet them by what they may look like or how they may act. You never know how that person may become to you, how he or she will be able to help you , and you help them.


3. Get as many business cards as you can. Meet people, get to know them and build a relationship with them. Some of the best business deals can be made with the relationships made at a live event. After you get home from the event, you will want to send out emails to follow up with the people whose cards you collected at the event.

4. Participate. You will get more out of the event if you fully participate in what is going on. This includes raising your hand if they ask to see a show of hands, showing up on time, taking notes, answering questions etc.


5. Have your picture taken with the people giving or presenting at the event. Being seen with top leaders in the industry or celebrities will add to your social proof. The last event that I attended was Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Marketing Boot camp. One of the attendees of the boot camp had his picture taken with Les Brown, well known motivational speaker. This man posted this picture to his Facebook page. Not more than a dew hours later, he received an email from someone at Comedy Central. They saw his picture and offered him to be a part of their show coming up which is a roast of actor Morgan Freeman. This man who had posted his picture with Les Brown was a look alike of the actor. Comedy Central wanted him to come on the show as an impersonator. As of yet, they haven’t filmed the roast, but it does go to show that you never know what will come out of taking such an action!

*** Note***  Craig Duswalt’s next event is his Rockstar Entrepreneur Conference to be held in March 2013 in Los Angeles, Ca.  You won’t want to miss it!

6. Attend the after parties or gatherings when you get the chance. It’s at these gatherings that you are able to meet and talk with the leaders and presenters. You may get to have some one on one time with them to ask them questions and pick their brains. It can be a great learning experience. It also lets them see how serious you are to be at that event. Entering into the inner circle with these people can lead to better things and greater opportunities.

You can get a lot out of your experience at a live event. It can also be great and rewarding depending on your actions at the event. The main thing is to just have fun and be yourself. For me, a live event is full of opportunities and you just don’t know who you’ll meet or what you’ll find just around the corner!
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Jodene Brown

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10 Responses to 6 Tips to Get the Best Out of the Live Event

  1. Mike says:

    Those six tips are key to making an event worth while! Thank you for posting this!
    Mike recently posted..The 2012 Silver Canadian Moose CoinMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      I think any live event such as a seminar is worth while, only there are things that we can do to enhance our learning & put it into practice!

  2. Great suggestions Jodene! Be Present is so important when attending events. It seems that being present will allow all the other suggestions to fall into place. Thanks for sharing. Wendy

    • jodene says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Thank you for the comment. And you’re right, Being Present is (or should be) #1 priority and everything else could fall into place!
      ~ Jodene

  3. Awesome tips Jodene! You must be looking forward to UM2!!! Thanks for the post 🙂
    Martina Mariu recently posted..Futuristic MarketingMy Profile

  4. Staci Brock says:

    Hi Jodene,
    Thanks for all the great tips!! It will really help a lot of people get so much more out of the live events they attend:)
    Staci Brock recently posted..Internet Marketing ScamsMy Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you for the comment Staci.
      I’m glad if my post can help anyone! I love going to live events and it’s such an awesome opportunity that I wouldn’t want to miss out on a single thing!
      ~ Jodene

  5. Awesome tips Jodene!!! 🙂 They are great ones to keep in mind for UM2 and all events in general.
    Jennifer Patterson recently posted..The Power of NOW!!!My Profile

    • jodene says:

      Thank you Jennifer,
      I give my 110% when I attend events. At first, my reason was that I paid for it and didn’t want to waste it. Eventually, I learned that I got more out of the event as did the people around me because I sheared and danced, and participated.
      ~ Jodene

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