Why Some People Don’t Make it in the MLM Business


Why Some People Don’t Make it in the MLM Business

Network Marketing is a growing industry with many different companies to work with. There are many successful entrepreneurs in this industry, but yet, there are still many who do not succeed, who struggle all the way and end up leaving the business.

There are certain qualities one must have in order to be a successful internet marketer. One of these traits are to have patience. Network marketing definitely isn’t a “get rich quick” thing. You need to invest some time into the business, especially if it’s something you really care about or have a passion for. The business needs to develop, and can grow at a very slow pace. If you take the time to learn it, attain systems, and grow with it, it will be successful. I found myself getting frustrated and anxious because I wasn’t reaching success as quick as I wanted. I needed to remind myself that it takes time and patience.

Many times, the entrepreneur will come across obstacles and hurdles that may stop them in their tacks. Their first instinct may be to stop what they’re doing and retreat, maybe too afraid to continue on.
A true entrepreneur won’t let anything stand in his or her way! He or she is creative and comes up with a solution to what ever problem or block they meet up with. He or she has persistence and doesn’t give up easily. One can always find a solution, you just have find a way.

Another reason someone might not make it in an MLM is that he or she hasn’t figured out their “why”- the reason that they joined. Making money or becoming rich just isn’t always enough to keep you going or to keep you motivated. Having a strong or passionate reason for joining can push you past the hurdles, past the road blocks. And there will be roadblocks because as an entrepreneur, you can’t predict what will happen next. This leads us to another problem for newbies. And that is having high expectations. From the outside, looking in, it may seem that having your own business in an MLM is easy, and the customers will just come pouring in. For very few people, this may be true, but for most people, it’s the exact opposite. For some people, such as myself, if you don’t already have customers or a list of prospects, you’ll have to start at square one. If you are starting at the beginning, you’ll need to grow your business from scratch; start adding people to your list.

Lastly, another problem that new people in this industry are dealing with are the feelings that come with it, such as rejection, disappointment and fear. They may feel like a failure, like they aren’t good enough to be an entrepreneur. The person will also try to point the blame at anyone or anything else. They may blame the opportunity, the company, product, their training or even their leaders, not realizing that it is their actions or behaviors that are not bringing success. One needs to look beyond that and truly believe that they can do it, and will be successful.


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