Making Good Use of Your Driving Time

Making Good Use of Your Driving Time

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19 Responses to Making Good Use of Your Driving Time

  1. MyCyberSpaceBiz says:

    That’s using your time wisely!

  2. Jennifer Patterson says:

    Using driving time to increase your education is an awesome way to multi-task. 🙂

  3. Stella Elvira says:

    When I lived in Stockholm I used to comute with subway and buss. I used that time in the same way. Now I live in Malmö and take the bike all the time. Now I use headphones to listen to good stuff. Make your commute a university! 🙂

  4. UltimateBizCoach says:

    Great you’ve motivated me to just make video’s in the car…!!

  5. Jodene Brown says:

    True Jennifer! & gets the mind of the traffic!!!! Learning makes me happy & I’m always expanding my knowledge. No better time than when I’m commuting!

  6. Jodene Brown says:

    Good to see that changing your mode of transportation didn’t change your habit! Now you can get fresh air & knowledge! Thank you for commenting.

  7. Jodene Brown says:

    Awesome! Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do! Sometimes it can be the only quiet place I can find! :)-Thanks for watching!

  8. Martina Mariu says:

    That’s awesome Jodene!

  9. RamiroParraPerez says:

    No Tony Robbins? Way to find a way… Awesome (Y)

  10. Jodene Brown says:

    Not on cd!…..yet. I have only books, but I think I’ll add it to the list!!!

  11. OlgaTsypina says:

    Hi Jodene! Yes, you are totally right! Why waisting your time on traffic? or driving? or for example on watching TV?? or listening to some friends’ gossip?… you can find so many different areas where you actually are waisting your time, so if you turn them into use, like you with traffic, you can reach success you want much faster!

  12. Elizabeth Haines says:

    that is inspiring Jodene!

  13. Jodene Brown says:

    Yes! You are so right! There are so many other places where we can “waste” our time! I gave up tv years ago….thankfully! You may have come up with a new video idea! :)-

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  15. Jim Bunch says:

    Way to Go Jodene… to hear you “Investing your time” instead of “Spending/Wasting” your time. Every minute you invest in your education is another minute invested in a bigger brighter future. Game On!!!

  16. Jodene Brown says:

    Thank you Elizabeth!

  17. Jodene Brown says:

    You know it!

  18. Jodene Brown says:

    Thanks Jim. The game is “Always ON !!!” I love the phrase “investing my time”, it’s a very positive way of looking at it.

  19. Jodene Brown says:

    I’m sure I’ve got some Tony somewhere in my stash!

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